Australia Global College (AGC) offers a half-day Orientation session for all new students.

Orientation will cover things such as, important key staff members at AGC, class timings, college policies and procedures, student services and everything else you need to successfully at Australian Global College. You will received an Invitation email prior of course start date. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable in our college and address any questions you may have. During Orientation you will become acquainted with your new campus and learn important things that will assist you to be a successful SMC student.
  • All new students are expected to attend on-campus activities during orientation.
  • If you are commencing your study at AGC as an international student, you must attend Orientation to obtain important information regarding your enrollment, study and other requirements.
  • Note: Students must bring in their passport, OSHC copies and CoE on Orientation day.
  • You can also speak to Reception or the Marketing and Admissions Team if you have any questions in regards to orientation.
  • If you are domestic students, please bring your Passport, Medicare and Driver Licence (if you have)
  • AGC will provide you ID card, Student Handbook and computer login.
  • Guidance on how to use College facilities
  • A campus tour, may include surrounding area such as Liverpool train station, Post office, nearby restaurant & food courts.
  • Our staff will go through any outstanding paperwork and conditions of enrolment with you if required. We will also assist you to complete Orientation forms, ect…