Under the direction of Australian Global College founders, our mission is to create a truly global experience for our students.

We are not just about providing Australian education. Our focus is on preparing our graduates for a career in a globalised economy and giving me access to global networks and industry placement.

To achieve this requires dedication and commitment in creating world class partners around the world. To date, Australian Global College is proud to announce that we have pathways with key partners in Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe. one of our newest partners is the university of Wollongong.

Australian Global College has a strong presence in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. Our updated scope of registration will allow the expansion and reputation of Australian Global College to grow globally. When asked in an interview about the mere scope of these commitments, our CEO Adam Ayash replied, “Sometimes, big dreams require big commitments and a bunch of crazy people like me to see it through.”

Jokes aside, our managing team are openly inviting interested parties to become part of this bigger vision whether you are a student, trainer, education institute, or part of the business community. Our expansion trajectory includes the opening of Colleges in each Australian state and into other counties, so we can brand and grow all around the world.